Book Review: The Borrowers

The Borrowers by Mary Norton
From Miss Abby at Madison

Have you ever wondered where all those little lost things go to in a house? All the safety pins and needles and string and little boxes and thread and a thousand other little things? It might be Borrowers living in the walls or floor!

Arrietty Clock, a fourteen-year-old borrower, lives under the floorboards of a house with her parents, Pod and Homily. As Borrowers, they survive through Pod’s “borrowing” of items from the “human beans” who live in the home above the floor. One day, Pod comes home from a day of borrowing very upset. He has been “seen” by the big people that live in the house. Being seen is the worst fate imaginable for a Borrower!

The book continues with choices that the Clock family must make now they have been seen. The Borrowers is a wonderful story that will get any imagination going! If they love The Borrowers, there are five more stories to follow the first about the Clock family. It would be perfect this holiday break for school aged children to read and maybe go searching for the Borrowers within their own house!

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