Crafting with Kids — Sand Art

Sand is a great medium for crafting with kids.  You can do so many different things with it: dig in it for treasure or uncover rocks and fossils, sprinkle it over glue spread on paper, make patterns with different colors of sand in a small bottle, or create sand castles.

Sometimes sand can be hard to come by in the winter, so you can follow this easy tutorial on how to color salt with colored sidewalk chalk at home and you’ll be set.  You can make any color you want, and it’s pretty cheap to make.  Use it any way you would normally use the sand (just don’t get it wet, or it will dissolve!).  Try other materials such as glitter, sugar, or cornmeal for variety of texture.

These photos come courtesy of the Marvelous Mondays group.  They played with sand during their “Dry, Dry Deserts” program earlier this month.  (Join Miss Melia and Miss Melanie on the 2nd and 3rd Mondays of each month for even more Marvelous Monday crafts and activities at the main library!)

At home, you can make a desert scene, a beach scene, or layer different colors of sand in a see-through container or necklace with your sand.  You could also create a miniature zen rock garden and let the kids trace patterns in the sand around the rocks with a fork or a small stick.

Playing and creating with sand can be fun, relaxing, and educational for the whole family, and you don’t even need to go to the beach to do it!

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