Happy Birthday, Marc Brown!

Today is Marc Brown‘s birthday!

Best known for his Arthur the Aardvark series, Mr. Brown has made a career out of writing and illustrating children’s books. He grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art. It took Mr. Brown many years before he found success as an author. His career actually sprouted from his nightly practice of telling his children stories before bed. One of these stories turned into an idea for the first Arthur book, Arthur’s Nosewhich was published in 1976. The book was so popular that Mr. Brown wrote many, many more.

The stories became a hit with kids and, in 1996, a TV series was created based on the books. Mr. Brown produced the show and it became one of the most-watched children’s programs. The show even won three Emmy Awards! The first several years of the show also brought on tremendous growth in Arthur book sales and spurred an Arthur product line including products such as backpacks, lunch boxes, dolls, and macaroni and cheese! Mr. Brown has even penned a series of Arthur chapter books for older readers.

So where does Mr. Brown get ideas for his books? From his family and friends! He says many of the characters in his Arthur books are based on his kids, teachers he had in school, friends from elementary school–even his grandma! Mr. Brown believes kids can relate to Arthur because his adventures are based on real-life events. Arthur even deals with issues kids face at school and in life, such as bullies, tests, new baby siblings, and having to wear glasses. Maybe this is why the series is so popular!

Even though Marc Brown is considered the man behind Arthur, he has illustrated numerous books that are very different from the stories about everyone’s favorite aardvark. The Gulpswritten by Rosemary Wells and illustrated by Mr. Brown, is one of these different projects. However, Mr. Brown’s goal with the book was the same as the Arthur books–present a story about an issue that many children face (in this case, not eating right or exercising).

Marc Brown has published over one hundred books for kids. Help us celebrate his birthday by checking out one of his books today!

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