Election Day is (Finally) Here!

Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day.  (As if you haven’t already received dozens of advertisements in the mail and countless phone calls!)  One good thing about a Presidential Election year is that there are many opportunities to talk to your children about why it is important for us to vote.  You can also talk about citizenship and our responsibilities as citizens of our country, state, and our own communities.

Many children are curious about politics, but not necessarily in quite as much detail or with as much passion as many adults.  Rather than sharing your own (often complicated) political views, you could just talk about what the particular offices are and what the candidates’ jobs entail.  Discuss what senators, representatives, council members, mayors, governors, and presidents all do.  It is important to teach and encourage your children now so that when they are adults, they can and will vote and be responsible citizens.

We’ve got a lot of great books that can help you get started:

Election Books Booklist (Word/.doc file)

We also have a listing of local elected officials serving the residents of Richland County.  Check out who the candidates are, what their views are, and go vote!  Don’t let this opportunity to show your children what good citizens do pass you by.

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