Celebrate International Magic Week!

Did you know that today is the beginning of International Magic Week? Covering October 25–31, Magic Week is “a week to celebrate the world of magic and the magicians who create it” (Chase’s Calendar of Events 2012). It always ends on October 31 for a reason, as this date is the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death.

Mr. Houdini, one of the world’s most famous magicians, was known for his spectacularly daring escape acts and magical illusions. While librarians don’t perform daring acts of escape, they do enjoy a little magic. Here at your library, we do too! We even occasionally have a less-famous magician than Houdini visit us! Our young customers love magic, too, and are oftentimes looking for some great magic books. Lucky for them, we have all kinds!

Whether you want to learn a few tricks, read a neat story about someone with magical powers, or find out more about a famous magician, we can help you out! Just stop in or give us a call, and we can find the perfect magic book for you. Or, if you would rather browse through the books we have available, go to our catalog webpage, type “magic” into the catalog search bar and see what we have! Looking for something other than a book? We also have DVDs to help you master awesome magic tricks!

So help us celebrate International Magic Week by checking out a magic book, mastering a new magic trick, or learning a little something about a real magician!

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