Celebrate Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day!

We see all kinds of families using the library, but one of our favorite things is when grandparents and grandchildren come to the library together.  Many times grandparents will take the time to read an extra book or play with the puppets for a few more minutes when they are here with their grandchildren.  These are simple things, really, but such an important part of childhood.

A lot of grandparents today are actually raising their grandchildren and we have lots of resources to help.  From parenting tips to birthday party ideas, and from movies to computer instruction, the library is a great place for all the things that you need.

We’d love to hear your favorite memory of coming to the library–either as a grandparent or as a grandchild.  Is it coming to story time together?  Or stopping by to cool off on a hot summer day?  Maybe you get to spend time with each other at the library on snow days or vacation days?

Make your own memories this month, whether you are the grandparent or the grandchild, at the library.  It’s a great place to be for people of all ages!

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