Book Review: Stay–The True Story of Ten Dogs

Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs by Michaela Muntean
From Miss Caroline at Main

Ok, so who is not a sucker for a feel-good story featuring adorable pound puppies?  In Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs, circus performer Luciano Anastasini shares his incredible past as a member of a longtime circus family.

Luciano’s whole life was the circus until a terrible fall prevented him from ever being an acrobat again.  Not wanting to step away from circus life, Luciano continued to work with the circus doing anything he could.  But his dream was to have his own act again.  That dream finally came true when Luciano decided to give himself and unwanted dogs from the pound a second chance.

Luciano tells how he found each of his dogs, many of them with bad habits and behaviors such as digging, spinning, stealing food, and biting, that made it so no one wanted them.  Luciano took the dogs home and began to play with them, gain their trust, and pay special attention to what each dog was good at.  The dog who got in trouble for digging was just bored, so Luciano let her use her energy running and jumping over hurdles and other obstacles.  The dog who wouldn’t quit spinning was actually seeing double, so Luciano used a leash to lead her around and she quickly learned which was the true image of the doubles she kept seeing.

Over and over again, Luciano worked with the dogs and helped them to become happy dogs and confident performers.  He saw those changes in himself, too!  Luciano’s dream of having a successful circus act was realized when he and his pack of pooches began performing all over the country.

Luciano’s story is such a great story of hope: hope for healing and a second chance, not only for him, but for the dogs that nobody wanted.  Luciano knew that he and the dogs saved each other, and that’s what makes this such an inspiring story.

Share this story along with other stories of dogs who have jobs.  Dogs like having something to do, and when they don’t, they often misbehave.  Chances are, you and your family will come to love these dogs as much as Luciano does!

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