Book Review: Pete’s A Pizza

Pete’s A Pizza by William Steig
From Miss Caroline at Main

If you have cross, moody, or downright irritable kids, you know how hard it can be to get them out of their funk.  A surprisingly fun (and interactive) story like Pete’s A Pizza is all that it takes to banish bad moods for the day!

All Pete wants to do is to go outside and play ball with his friends, but of course it is raining, so he can’t.  Dad decides the best way to remedy the situation is to make Pete into a pizza.  Well, how will he do that, you might ask?  First dad lays him on the table, then he kneads the dough, stretching it afterward.  Next, he has to twirl the dough and apply oil and flour.  Last, dad adds tomatoes and cheese and pops his pizza into the oven.

As you may have guessed, Pete is not really being turned into a pizza, but his bad mood has vanished by the time his dad is through pretending with him!  And the rain has finally stopped, so Pete gets to go outside and play after all.  This is a great story to act out with small children, but even older children would get a good laugh.

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