Summer Olympics 2012

Did you know that the Summer Olympics are happening in London this year? Held every four years, athletes from all over the world gather together to compete at different summer sporting events such as swimming, diving, running, cycling, sailing, gymnastics, and much more!

The swimming and diving events are my favorite. I always look forward to following the different athletes every four years. But did you realize that the Olympics have been around since ancient times? Or that the colors of the Olympic Rings actually represent the continents?

Here at the library, we have all kinds of Olympic books for you to check out. Whether you want to learn about the history of the Games or want to read about famous Olympic athletes, we have what you are looking for. G is for Gold Medal: An Olympic Alphabet gives readers a great look at many parts of the Games. Two new non-fiction series titled The Olympics presents ample information about the past and present of this much anticipated event. We even have fiction books that focus on the Olympics and feature some well-known characters and series such as Geronimo Stilton and Magic Tree House!

The 2012 Summer Olympics start July 27th with the Opening Ceremony. Why not help us celebrate by finding some great books to read before watching the Olympics this weekend?

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