Book Review: Sand

Sand by Ellen J. Prager
From Miss Melanie at Main

Sand is a good book to read before you go to the beach this summer.  You may want to take your magnifying glass with you and observe sand grains like the sandpiper sleuth who appears on each page.

You will learn that sand comes in many colors but only a few sizes.  Sand is just a grain size: bigger than mud but smaller than gravel.  If you look close, you might see pieces of coral, shells, or crystals in the sand, giving each type of sand a different color.  Green sand is made up of small crystals of the mineral olivine.  Red sand is made up of crystals of the mineral garnet.  Quartz crystals can be many colors — pink, gray, brown, white, or clear — and usually make sand look tan or off-white.

Flowing water, blowing wind, or moving ice can break big rocks into small pieces, forming sand, and bring them to the beach where wind can build tall dunes.

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