Story Time Starter — Ice Cream

Hot summer days almost automatically call for a tasty ice cream cone! Not only is it fun to eat ice cream, it is also fun to read about the cold, creamy treat! What better topic for a story time when it’s too hot to play outside?

From Gerald the elephant wondering if he should share in Should I Share My Ice Cream? to learning a bit on how ice cream is made in From Cow to Ice Cream, we have all kinds of great books to read about ice cream! The Scoop on Ice Cream even has a recipe for making your own baggie ice cream! Here’s a list to check out:

Ice Cream Booklist (Word Document/.doc file)

And how about some ice cream songs?

Adding a few ice cream rhymes to your reading time will make it even more enjoyable! This site has several to choose from:

How about some cool crafts? Just be sure the kids don’t actually try to eat these–they look good enough to try a bite!

Finally, in case you can’t get to the library for that ice cream recipe, here’s a link to make your own at home! What better way to spend a scorching summer day than to read a couple great books, sing some songs, do some rhymes, make a craft, and end it all in fresh, homemade ice cream? Enjoy!

For more on story time and early literacy, visit our Early Literacy page!

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