Crafting with Kids — Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

This month’s craft comes from Miss Melanie, our resident recycling and gardening expert.

“Gardening is all the rage so if you don’t have one yet and you have access to an outside wall, you can be a vertical farmer.  Growing in recycled 2-liter bottles is a great way to grow herbs and leafy vegetables for your family.  Everyone in the family can make these easy planters.

“All you need is an empty 2- liter bottle, box cutter, hole puncher, rope, and 2 washers per bottle.  Go to this link for a tutorial and pictures of the completed project.  Have fun growing your own food this summer!”

Thanks for a great craft, Miss Melanie!

Enjoy some photos of these awesome vertical gardens being made at the library:

It’s not too late, so get out there and grow something with your own family!

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