Book Review: Horrible Harry

Horrible Harry series by Suzy Kline
From Miss Sarah at Bellville

Horrible Harry is a popular series by Suzy Kline about a boy named Harry and all his crazy adventures at school.  All of the books are written from the point of view of Doug who is Harry’s best friend.  In the book Horrible Harry in Room 2B, the reader discovers a several reasons why Harry is horrible.  For example, he has a box that contains a garter snake which he uses to scare girls and during seven-up he gives whoever he picks a knuckle noogie.

Harry gets Doug to do horrible things too, like when there were leftover treats and Harry and Doug take one to Mrs. Michaelsen, but Harry convinces Doug that they should eat her cupcake.  In the Thanksgiving play, Harry wants to be a dead fish because the Native Americans used it to fertilize the corn.  Harry can be nice sometimes like when Song Lee, a fellow classmate, had a part as a pilgrim but didn’t like talking in front of people so she got to be a dead fish too thanks to Harry.

Children will enjoy reading Horrible Harry books, especially second and third graders.  The books have some illustrations that help demonstrate how horrible Harry can be and will make the reader laugh.  This series is also a fun summer read for children and can help them earn a trip to the treasure chest when participating in the summer library program (SLP).  Horrible Harry books are great for reluctant readers too.

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