June 2012 Book Review, Part 1

Mercy Watson series by Kate DiCamillo
From Miss Sarah at Bellville

Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo is an adorable beginning chapter book about a pig named Mercy who loves hot toast with lots of butter on it.  Mr. and Mrs. Watson keep Mercy as their pet whom they call a porcine wonder.  In the story, Mercy can’t fall asleep in her bed because she is scared so she climbs into bed with Mr. and Mrs. Watson.  While all three of them are snuggled up in bed asleep there is a loud Boom! and Crack!  The bed begins to fall into the floor.

Everyone wakes up and Mercy leaves the bed to find some toast but Mr. and Mrs. Watson thinks she is going to get help.  Mercy discovers there isn’t any toast in the kitchen and thinks she can get a snack from the neighbor Baby Lincoln.  Mercy wakes up Baby Lincoln and her grumpy sister Eugenia Lincoln and they call the fire department because they think she is a monster.  Once Eugenia finds out it is Mercy she tells her to go home and starts chasing after her.  The firefighters show up, are distracted by Eugenia and Mercy, then hear the shouts of Mr. and Mrs. Watson and save them.

The story has a happy ending because Mrs. Watson invites everyone in the house for buttered toast.  The book is full of beautiful, vibrant and hilarious illustrations which makes that story even more enjoyable.  Children and adults will surely giggle while reading this delightful tale.

I presented a book talk to the second graders at Bellville Elementary and they seemed eager to read about Mercy.  If you read this book and want more Mercy Watson, try her other books, all available in our catalog–Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride, Mercy Watson Fights Crime, Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise, Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig, and Mercy Watson: Something Wonky This Way Comes.

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