Happy Birthday, Richard Scarry!

What kid out there doesn’t love books about animals and cars?  I sure did!  I loved all of the Busytown books by Richard Scarry when I was growing up.  Although he passed away in 1994, today marks the 93rd anniversary of his birth, and many of today’s children are just discovering the exciting world of Richard Scarry’s Busytown for the very first time.

My favorite book when I was younger was most definitely Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.  I remember looking at all the pictures before I could even read the words; I’d hunt for the hidden Goldbug on each page before moving on.  By the time I could finally read by myself, I had lots of favorite books, but I always came back to this one.

A review of Cars and Trucks and Things That Go from Barnes & Noble’s website says:

“Though it doesn’t have as many words as Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever, Cars and Trucks and Things That Go is a perennial kid favorite and a fun first introduction to Busytown.”

What is your favorite book by Richard Scarry?  Do you remember searching the pages for the hidden Goldbug, too?  If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and introduce your children to the this prolific author and illustrator.  We have dozens of books in our catalog, and we also have many Busytown DVDs featuring music, counting, the alphabet, colors, jobs people do, and nursery rhymes.

And many Happy Birthday wishes to Busytown’s creator, the one and only Richard Scarry!

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