Illustrator Spotlight — Brian Lies

Summer is almost here, so that means we are getting ready for our annual Summer Library Program (SLP)!  We love the theme for this year–it is all about the night: dreaming, wishes, nocturnal animals, and stars.  Join us as we get ready to Dream Big – Read!

Every year a different illustrator is chosen to provide artwork that goes along with the theme.  This year’s illustrator is Brian Lies, who is probably most known for his bat picture books, including Bats at the Library, Bats at the Beach, and Bats at the Ballgame.

Mr. Lies wants everyone to know how his name is pronounced, because it’s not like you would think!  Instead of saying “lies” (like not telling the truth), say it to rhyme with the words “cheese” or “please” (go ahead, say “lees”!).  Read more about Brian Lies at his website.

See a book trailer for Bats at the Ballgame:

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We can’t wait to share Brian Lies’ bat books and all of the other night-themed books we’ve got with you.  We begin our SLP on June 4th, so we’ll see you at the library!!!

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