Get Caught Reading During May!

Where will you be caught reading in May?

Of course, as librarians, we are big proponents of reading and literacy – so why not celebrate reading and show how it changes lives, creates thinkers and dreamers, and best of all, is a whole lot of fun?  May is national Get Caught Reading Month!  And we’d like to know where you will be caught reading – at home, the beach, in a hammock, on top of a building?  Get creative!

Or are you one of those people who always has a book (or an eReader!) handy?  Will you stop to read while waiting on your car at the mechanics, or during lunch at a local cafe?  I know I make sure to have something to read with me wherever I go, because you never know when the opportunity to get in another few pages will turn up!

Celebrate with us this month and help spread the word about getting caught reading during May!

Fun and informative resources online:

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