2012 Children’s Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the winners!  And to all those children who entered poems, your creativity and hard work made deciding winners very difficult.  Thank you for bringing your poems to us for this annual event.

First Grade Category, First Place

“Fancy Flowers”
by Halen Sansom

The rainbow colors of flowers,
Like daffodils orange and yellow,
Or daisies pretty white and pink,
Like a bouquet of jiggling Jello.

When I walk into a garden,
My nose says, “Can you smell
The lovely collection of flowers?”
And I say, “Why yes, perfectly well!”

I like to pick them for my mom.
I choose tulips, lilies and rosies.
I hope she says, “Thank you, Sissy
For my beautiful, blooming posies!”


First Grade Category, Second Place

“The Accident”
by Sean Putt

I went down the slide too fast.

The end of the slide went past.

I looked at my knee

Lots of blood dripping I see.

But no stitches, I’m lucky at last!


Second Grade Category, First Place

“The Creek”
by Connor O’Brien

Alone in a big creek

Fish are tickling my feet

Wind passing by me.


Second Grade Category, Second Place

“Brothers” (An Acrostic Poem)
by Aidan Balas

By my side

Really respectful to others

Only one forever

Tough to hurt him

Helpful to me

Encourages my soccer playing

Rough to say good bye

Someone special…my little bro


Third Grade Category, First Place

by Jalen Jacocks


funny small

hissing pouncing purring

Africa, Asia, zoo, pet shop

growing chasing scratching

big mean



Third Grade Category, Second Place

by Pamela Manning

Zebras are the stripes of Africa

All the way through the savannah

Running, jumping in the grass

Baby zebras play in the light


Zebras are the streaks of Africa

All the way through the savannah

Parent zebras stay awake

Watch for predators in the night


Fourth Grade Category, First Place

“When the Sun Will Rise”
by Maria Antonia Villegas

When the sun will rise

a surprise might come your way

after happiness

When the sun will rise

What will be that great surprise

Sadness goes away

When the sun will rise

let love and light show the way

Count your blessings then


Fourth Grade Category, Second Place

“The Alamo”
by Bryce Dix

On March 6th the wind did blow, at the fort, the Alamo.

The men did defend, until the very end.

They fought and fought evermore, as scores of men did hit the floor.

As cannons roared and muskets fired, the men were very, very tired.

Crockett, Bowie, Travis, and Neill, the troops had eaten their last meal.


Fifth Grade Category, First Place

“I Am”
by Tsion Davis

I am Dapper but yet a Fiasco
I wonder who to glide across the sky like a bird
I hear a rain drop fresh from the sky
I see 1,000 fish swimming around the lost part of the Titanic
I want a millionaire life that’s good and free
I am Dapper but yet a Fiasco

I pretend to be the world’s greatest hero and save the world
I feel the beat of my heart pounding in my chest
I touch the top of the sky then fall in the sea
I worry about my lifespan and how far I can take it
I cry about the death of my relatives
I am Dapper but yet a Fiasco

I understand the way of life in order to survive
I say you can’t say what you can’t do
I dream I’ll make it as a professional football player for the Steelers
I try to ready myself for the life I have ahead
I hope one day all these things come true
I am Dapper but yet a Fiasco


Fifth Grade Category, Second Place

by Sophie Mowry

O library how I love you

I can read about trains that go choo! choo!

I can read about great heroes in wars

I can stay in there till you close your doors

I love diaries of royalty

That have friends with loyalty

The books teach me about history

You also have great mysteries

I have a thirst of books about adventure

And when I spend time with you, you are my quencher

O library till I return

From the books I have much to learn

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