Story Time Starter — Cookies

Cookies, cookies, cookies!

If there was one thing I really enjoyed eating as a kid (and still do in fact), it was cookies.  Most children do, right?  Not only are cookies yummy, they make an awesome story time topic!

Whether you like the classic Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar? or are looking for something new such as The Cow Loves Cookies, we have oodles of books about the tasty treats.  The list below contains some of our favorites!

Cookies Booklist (Word Document/.doc file)

Don’t forget to include some rhymes to go with those great books!  And why not sing some songs to go along with your story time?

And finally, you can go bake some cookies with your kids or try one of these awesome crafts!

Of course, you can try a craft and bake cookies, too!


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