April Book Reviews, Part 2

Elephant Talk:  The Surprising Science of Elephant Communication by Ann Downer
From Miss Amanda at Main

Did you know elephants can talk?  Well, maybe not talk like we understand and know humans do, but like many species of animals, elephants have their own form of communication.  With a mixture of vocalizations, movements, and chemicals (particularly pheromones), elephants can let each other know where food and water are located, if there’s danger nearby, and greet friends.

Elephant Talk is a fascinating look at the way these mammals communicate to keep each other safe in the wild and raise their young.  Downer explores the way researchers are learning about elephant communication and what the many sounds and movements actually mean - they’re building an elephant dictionary, so to speak.  Every snort, scream, trumpet, head shake, forehead flutter, and chirp (among other behaviors and sounds) is studied in attempts to understand the language of elephants.  Elephants (as shown in the video above) even communicate through their feet!

This book is intended for older nonfiction fans so if you know a child 5th grade and up who loves animals, I would bet they will really enjoy this book.  Pair this book with The Elephant Scientist by Caitlin O’Connell and Donna M. Jackson for an even better understanding of the secret language of these huge land mammals.




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