Story Time Starter — Farm Animals

As far as Story Time topics go, farm animals is a never – fail choice!  Not only does it give you a variety of animals to focus on, but the books are typically funny, full of vibrant colors, and you get the chance to make barnyard animal sounds with the kids.  (Trust me, this always goes over well!)

Narrowing down the books on farm animals to just a handful is tough (since there are so many good ones) but we managed to pick some of our favorites and feature them.  Have fun reading about pigs, cows, horses, chickens, sheep, and the odd goat or two!

Farm Animals booklist (Word document/.doc file)

And what would a Story Time be without some fun crafts?

How about some barnyard sing and dance alongs?

And make sure you get in some great fingerplays and rhymes!

And we couldn’t resist this animated version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”!

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