Crafting with Kids

Story Time and Library Crafts

Sure, crafts can be messy and fun, but for us, simple is best.

One thing we love to include at the end of story time is a craft for our little ones to work on that reinforces the theme and helps get their creative juices flowing.  Some of our favorite crafts go along with a particular story we’ve read.  This allows the children to retell the story by themselves at home.

We all have our favorite crafts and craft sites, but here are a few of the best ones — ones that we go to over and over again for craft ideas and for coloring pages.  There’s even a Pinterest board featuring awesome crafts that work well for libraries!

If you’d like to get your hands on the official artwork from whatever story you’re reading, try going to the author, illustrator, or publisher websites.  Often there will be featured coloring pages and printable and online activitiesJan Brett has some awesome printables on her website to go along with each of her books.

One of Miss Melanie’s most recent monthly craft programs here at the library was called Tricked Out Trinket Boxes.

trinket boxes collage

You can do this yourself!  Here’s how:

  • Get a variety of recycled items like yogurt cups, baby wipe containers, small cardboard boxes with lids, Altoids tins, coffee cans, ring boxes, etc.
  • Gather supplies for decorating and embellishing like glitter, beads, buttons, stickers, foam letters or shapes, wrapping paper, ribbon, puzzle pieces, silk or plastic flowers, fabric scraps, and google eyes.
  • Working with craft glue or a hot glue gun, arrange items on top of or around the sides of the box or container.

Now you are ready to put all your treasures and trinkets in your own *tricked out* box!

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