February 2012 Book Reviews, Part 2

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
From Miss Sheri at the Plymouth and Crestview branches

Have you ever played the Westing Game?  Would you play if it meant that you could inherit $200 million?  As an heir named in Sam Westing’s will, there is only one catch.  In order to inherit, you have to figure out who murdered Sam Westing.  You get a set of clues and a partner to help you.  Sounds easy right? 

Only sixteen people in the world have ever played and you would not believe the rules….  In Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game, Sam Westing dies and gathers his sixteen heirs together for the reading of the will.  The heirs stand to inherit $200 million.  There is just one problem… one of the heirs murdered Sam Westing and the only way to inherit the money is to be the person who solves the answer to the Westing Game by revealing the name of the murderer.

Paired into eight teams of two, each team is given a set of clues along with a set of rules set forth in Sam Westing’s will.  Who will figure out the answer to the Westing game and inherit all of the money?  Do you think it will be Grace Wexler, Dr. Denton Deere, James Shin Whoo, Otis Amber, or even young Turtle Wexler? 

A murder mystery filled with mayhem, clues, bombs, mysterious characters and a wealthy mad man, this book has it all.  As the reader, you have access to every team’s clues, thoughts and secrets.  Can you put together the puzzle and figure out the answer to the Westing Game and collect the $200 million before the murderer takes someone else’s life?

Find The Westing Game in our catalog.  It is also available as an audio recording on CD and as a movie by the title of Get a Clue!.

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