Author Spotlight (and a Happy Birthday!): Judy Blume

Not only do we get to feature a very famous and loved children’s author in this post, but we also get to wish her a very Happy Birthday!  Judy Blume, a name well – known in children’s and YA literature, has a birthday on February 12th!

Judy’s book have delighted generations of fans with her wit, humor, and willingness to write books with situations and characters that her readers can understand and relate to.  Judy is also a champion for intellectual freedom – the right of everyone to read what they want, where they want, when they want.

Some of her most famous books are parts of series, which certainly helps when you have young readers that get latched onto the first book and want more!  The Fudge Books and The Pain and The Great One series are wonderful books to give to kids who are wanting chapter books with great stories and plenty to giggle over.  (Plus, they’re great when read out loud!)

Here are some more resources on Judy Blume, her life, and her books:

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