January Book Reviews, Part 1


Titanic Sinks! by Barry Denenberg

From Miss Melia at Main

I love reading books about the Titanic, so I couldn’t wait to read one of the newest books on the subject, Titanic Sinks! by Barry Deneberg.  While I enjoy fictional stories about the ship and its passengers, I really like non-fiction and facts. That is why I truly like this book. What makes it really cool is the book is pieced together as a series of news articles printed by a fictional news journal and looks a lot like a newspaper when you open it up, which adds to the historical feel of the text. It creatively covers the doomed ship from its beginning in the ship yard and its highly-anticipated maiden voyage to the moment it struck an iceberg and sank. It almost makes you feel as if you were actually there!

The format of Titanic Sinks! is different than most books on the topic. Just the appearance of the book is bound to catch your eye. Instead of the average-sized book, Titanic Sinks! is impressively bigger and stands out with its deep blue cover jacket and yellowed text. Of course, the inside of the book is even more unique since it represents a collection of newspaper articles, complete with simulated aged yellowed pages, bold headlines, and black and white photographs. Timelines and photographs of historic people from the voyage such as Chief Officer Murdoch and the famous Margaret Brown add great detail to the text. The book also includes the contents of a journal written by a man aboard the ship; a fact sheet listing statistics like how many cooks, maids, and stewards were on the Titanic’s staff and how many supplies were needed for the voyage; and an interview with the captain of the Carpathia, the ship that rescued Titanic’s survivors. Other interesting mementos are scattered throughout the book, which makes it a lot of fun to read.

The author does an awesome job of translating facts into a readable form and giving the reader a great way to learn about the Titanic. There is also a note in the back of the book from the author, as well as one from the publisher, that gives some interesting facts about the ship and the book. I would recommend Titanic Sinks! for ages 9 and up; however, anyone who enjoys gathering Titanic facts will enjoy this book!


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