Author Spotlight — Karma Wilson

I have a list of my all-time “go to” books when I want fun, funny reads that engage my little listeners and keep their eyes and ears on the story.  Author Karma Wilson’s books populate my list more than any other author because her picture books are easy to read to groups, have beautiful, bright illustrations, and she is a master of rhyme schemes that don’t trip up your tongue!

According to Karma’s website, her first book was Bear Snores On, published in 2002.  All of the Bear books are on my “go to” list for read-alouds but Bear Snores On and Bear’s New Friend are my favorites.  The Bear books are gentle rhyming stories about Bear and his friends; they appeal to a wide age range and are definitely fun to read out loud to any size of group.  But the Bear books are also ideal for snuggling up in bed with your child and reading just before bedtime – just don’t be surprised if you get asked to read them again and again.

Karma’s newest book, Hogwash, is exactly the kind of silly read that I love.  In this book, the Farmer sets out to spring clean each of his animals but finds that the pigs aren’t exactly agreeable to being scrubbed and doused.  The Farmer tries and tries to get those muddy pigs clean (my favorite part is when he fills his crop dust plane with shampoo) but winds up in the pig pen instead!  I won’t ruin the ending for anyone wanting to read the book – but the last page is sure to get chuckles out of everyone.

However, my absolute favorite book by this prolific author is Sakes Alive, A Cattle Drive!   Like any Karma Wilson book, it is easy read and share, but what I love most about this book is the idea behind it.  Two cows steal the Farmer’s keys and drive off in his truck, resulting in a police chase, a parade, and lots of other chaos.  I have read this book to so many different day cares, preschool and early elementary classes and each time, it just gets funnier.  I highly recommend reading this book with a bit of a twang, if you can manage it (it just makes the book that much more fun!)

If you want to see what Karma Wilson books your library has on the shelves, check here.

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