A World of Opposites — Concept Books for Young Readers

Our final list of concept books comes in the way of opposites.  Children love learning about things that are the same and different; and they love comparing the two!  Knowing the opposite of a certain word or concept is a necessary skill to know that will help your child get ready for school.  Being able to “read” a picture will then help your child begin to read words.

opposites collage

Our collection is filled with a variety of concept books, which are identified with a turquoise label on the spine of the book.  These books focus on basic concepts like shapes, colors, the alphabet, and counting.  And all of these books are great to share with very young children, and have the colors, characters, and themes your child will love!

You can download and print the list and take a look at the books in our catalog.  Call or stop in if you need help finding these or any other great books for your family!

A World of Opposites booklist (Word Document/.doc file)


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