December Book Reviews, Part 2

The White Giraffe by Lauren St John
From Miss Katie at Madison

Martine is sent to live with her Grandmother when her parents are killed in a fire, and this isn’t that unusual; but what IS unusual is that Grandmother lives on a wildlife reserve in South Africa, and Martine has never met her before.

This story is filled with beautiful landscapes, interesting natives, new experiences, new friends, mystery, and wild animals.  As the story unfolds, Martine meets a native who tells her she has “the gift”, so we have some foreshadowing that  something exciting is going to happen, which occurs when Martine finally encounters the “mythical” white giraffe she has been hearing whispers about.

There is a prophesy that there will be a child who will have power over all the animals, and that child will ride a white giraffe, so the anticipation is building for Martine to  see the white giraffe at last.  What happens when they do meet is an amazing friendship, and helps Martine to deal with her loss and her new life.

Children who enjoy animal stories will love this book, and there are a few other titles by the author as well.

I would recommend this for 4th-6th grade.

Check our catalog for these exciting books in the series:  The White Giraffe, Dolphin Song, and The Last Leopard.

We don’t own a copy, but you can also find the final book in this series, The Elephant’s Tale, from SearchOhio (it’s kind of like inter-library loan).  You just need a valid library card and to know your PIN.


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