Happy Birthday, Eve Bunting!

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Happy birthday, Eve Bunting!

Eve Bunting, author of over 250 books for children, has tackled many difficult issues in her writing.  She doesn’t flinch away from topics like war, racism, or death, but not every book she writes is so serious in its content.  Proving that children’s authors can have an amazing impact on large groups of people, Bunting’s book Smoky Night (which discusses racism during the L.A. riots), won a Caldecott award for its illustrations and a “Heal the World” award from a group of schoolchildren.  Eve Bunting cherishes the “Heal the World” award greatly, stating that she still keeps the plaque the children gave her above her desk at home.

A classic name in children’s literature, Eve Bunting’s books are a testament to the power of words and the creative mind.

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