December Book Reviews, Part 1

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Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary
From Miss Katie at Madison

As a young girl, I adored Ramona.  She was always trying her hardest, yet it seemed she never really got the results she wanted.  There are several books about Ramona, but this was always my favorite.

In this title, Ramona is just starting Kindergarten and she can’t wait to be a big girl like her sister, Beezus.  But her experience is not what she expected, and her reactions are always funny.  From meeting her new classmates, to losing teeth, to getting new boots, and holiday celebrations, there are countless moments of laughter which are too great to miss.

Originally published in 1968, the series has been re-released with new illustrations, and has also spawned a movie titled Ramona and Beezus (though the book the movie was based on was Beezus and Ramona).  Whether you are reading Ramona for the first time, or you are re-reading it with your child, it’s a guarantee you will be in for a treat.

I would recommend this for an older reader in 3rd-5th grade, though the content is great as a read-aloud to K-3 as well. And if you have fans of Junie B Jones, they will love Ramona!

Explore the World of Beverly Cleary and meet all of the Ramona characters!  While you’re there, you can explore Ramona’s neighborhood, play some online games, and read more about Bevery Cleary herself.  You can even download a teacher’s guide for more fun activities to do in the classroom.

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