November Parent Zone 2009

Nuts to You!

It’s fall: acorns and leaves are falling to the ground, we want hot chocolate instead of lemonade, and the cool temperatures are driving us all inside.  When the family gets a little stir-crazy, and you need something fun to do, go nuts!  Peanuts, that is.

November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month.  If you’re tired of plain old PB&J sandwiches, jazz things up a bit and use one of America’s favorite foods in new and exciting ways.  How about making peanut butter play dough for the kids?  That way they can play with and eat their food.  Or maybe you could make your own peanut butter from scratch.  Show your kids that food doesn’t always have to come from boxes, cans, and jars.

Furthermore, even though they are similar to tree nuts, did you know that peanuts are actually legumes like beans and peas?  If you have trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables, then you can rest easy knowing that they are getting protein plus additional vital nutrients from one of nature’s super foods.  Another benefit of peanut butter is that it is a great staple for vegetarian or vegan diets.

Whether you are snacking on ants-on-a-log or criss-crossing peanut butter cookies for a pot luck, celebrate each mouthful of peanut butter this month.  And remember that peanut butter can compliment anything from apples, bananas, and carrots to a steaming stack of pancakes.  So go nuts this month and try out a new recipe or two—your family will thank you.

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Peanut Butter Burglary by Becky Freeman
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Fabulous food [sound recording] / [performed by Richele Bartkowiak and Patrick Brennan].
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Peanut butter — Have you been to candyland? — Chew, chew, chew your food — Donut song — Bread and jelly — Raindrop song — Muffin man — Oats, peas, beans — Goober peas — Watermelon song — One bottle of pop — Hamburger — Hinky dinky double D farm — Hot cross buns — Fast food — Sippin’ cider through a straw — Apples and bananas — Go bananas! — Shortnin’ bread — Peanut sit in’ on a railroad track — Did you feed my cow? — Chocolate chip cookies — My lollipop — Who took the cookies?

Singable songs for the very young [sound recording] / Raffi.
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The more we get together (1:07) — Down by the bay (2:07) — Brush your teeth (1:11) — Robin in the rain (1:54) — Five little frogs (1:40) — Wonder if I’m growing (1:33) — Aikendrum (1:17) — Bumping up and down (1:31) — Must be Santa (2:22) — Willoughby wallaby woo (1:53) — Spider on the floor (2:14) — Baa baa black sheep (:58) — Going to the zoo (1:39) — My dreydel (:32) — Peanut butter sandwich (:58) — Five little pumpkins (:30) — The sharing song (1:04) — Mr. Sun (1:16) — Old McDonald had a band (2:08).


Peanut Butter

Peanut on a railroad track

His heart was all a flutter

Train came roarin’ round the bend

Toot toot- peanut butter

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