November Book Reviews, Part 1

Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler
From Miss Heather at Butler and Lucas

Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler

Lisa Wheeler offers us a delightful story of a bear with a craving for pie, and what better month could there be to read a story about a delicious pie?  A southern twang and rhyming text make this a perfect read aloud to children of all ages.

“Ol’ Bear woke up one morning with a hankerin’ for pie.  Not just any pie.  Ugly Pie…So with a heap of hope and a hitch in his britches, Ol’ Bear went off in search of Ugly Pie.”  As he walks along he sings a song and visits friends who all have pleasing pies, but no ugly pies.  Each friend manages to find something ugly to give bear to take along as he sings his song and visits the next friend along the way.  Ol’ Bear thanks his friends and by the end of his journey he has collected all sorts of ugly ingredients.  “Ugly apples, raisins, too. Sweet molasses, nuts, WA-HOOO!  Got an itch to satisfy.  Gonna bake some Ugly Pie!”  His pie is a hit with all his friends and you can try it by following the recipe at the end!

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