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Build Your Own Library

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If you’ve thought about what you can do to encourage success in school, no doubt you know that daily reading is an important activity, especially at home.  While most children have countless books on hand at school sadly, many do not have the same opportunities at home.

Sure, you can use the library (and we certainly encourage you to do so!), but if you can help your child to collect a few books and begin your own at-home library, the books will always be there, even when the public library or school library is closed.

Here are a few economical ways to acquire books:

  • Check out the library book sales, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, held the first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of each month.  Sometimes our “dud” is your treasure!
  • Wander through thrift stores or garage sales to take advantage of new (to you) books.
  • Have a book swap with friends:  Everyone bring books in good condition, trades with each other, and goes home with great new reads.
  • Check bookstores or online sites for sales of newer books you just have to buy right now.
  • Opt to wait until the paperback version is available.  These are usually much cheaper than hardback books.

If you have books available in an area of your home, chances are your child will pick one up and read it.  And as your child reads more and more, the better off he or she will be in school.  Find other creative ways to bring books into your home and build your own library of meaningful books.  You’ll be glad you did!

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