October Book Reviews, Part 2

Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf
From Miss Janet at Lexington

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“But we have no Jews, what do you want with us?”  The question of one woman remains and echoes through this story of two friends from a tiny Czechoslovakian village in 1942.   Milada’s family struggles with rations and fears, but the Nazis have stayed away from her village, until a day just after her birthday.   Her world is turned upside down as families are gathered, separated, and made to wait in the school building of another town.   Milada is chosen and inspected for hair color and light eyes, her nose is measured and recorded.   Grandmother seems to sense the true danger, and charges her to remember who you are!  Remember!

Chosen to help build up the Aryan race because of her features, Milada is removed from her family, told everyone else died during Allied bombings, and is sent to a  special school where she, and a select group of other children, are indoctrinated in German customs and history and taught to be good German girls.   Forbidden to speak of their past, their names are changed as they are readied to take their places as adopted daughters of good German families.   Now Eva must struggle to keep her memories and to decide for herself who she truly is and what she believes.

A fictional story based on fact, this is one more page in the Nazi plan to build a perfect Aryan race.  The author supplies historical background at the end of the book.  Recommended for children ages 9-13.

Check out the author’s website with more information about Someone Named Eva.  Joan M. Wolf also shares photographs of Prague and Lidice, Czechoslovakia.

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