October Book Reviews, Part 1

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens
From Miss Janet at Lexington

Kate remembered her mother’s tears, a necklace slipped around her neck, a charge to care for her brother and sister, whispers, and then…waking in an orphanage far way, with no answers to her questions.  Through ten years and many changes, she keeps her brother and sister close, and hopes for answers. Michael carries a book about dwarves with him and reads it constantly, Emma does verbal battle with anyone who comes too close, including her siblings, and Kate waits.

Then Kate, Michael and Emma are sent to Dr. Pym, and time changes through the pages of a book.  Suddenly, there are secret rooms, Screechers, a witch, dwarves, heroes, time travel and danger all around. When they become separated, first Michael, then Emma, each must find their own brand of courage before the three can be reunited.

Who do you trust when solving the mystery of Cambridge Falls and all the missing children, thought long-lost by their parents?  As the first book in a trilogy, The Emerald Atlas tells a great adventure of three children searching for answers.  Although there is a satisfying ending, there is also the promise of new dangers, old friends and strange new adversaries for Kate, Michael and Emma.

I recommend this excellent book for ages 8 – 12.
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Interview with John Stephens, author of The Emerald Atlas from Comic Con 2011


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