Three Cheers for New Books!

How could you not love new books?  I love seeing the new ones roll up on a cart, ready to be checked in and placed out on display.  It’s like they’re eagerly awaiting that first child to pick them up, flip through them, and carry them home.

Not that I think books are alive or anything…

Want to see what’s new this month?  As always, we’ve got new picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction.  The lists match up with the books presented in each video, and this time we’ve provided links to the catalog of every book.  (Do let us know if a link doesn’t work; we check them but every now and then something slips by us.)

New Picture Books for September

New Picture Books List
 (Word document/.doc file)


New Chapter Books – September

New Chapter Books List
 (Word document/.doc file)


New Nonfiction Books – September

New Kids Nonfiction List
 (Word document/.doc file)

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