Random Book Sighting

Since we’re revamping the M/RCPL Parent Zone into a blog, we’re trying out all kinds of new things to add some more content. One idea I had was to do posts called “Random Book Sighting”, which would focus on a book that we’ve found while shelving, browsing, or pulling books for customers, teachers, or our own uses. You can spend hours in the stacks and still not see every book on the shelves…we’ve got a GREAT selection in the Children’s Department!

The book I stumbled across just today was one I had never seen before, which is the main requirement for a Random Book Sighting, but this one really got to me.

pete and pickles

Pete & Pickles by Berkeley Breathed
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This picture book was published in October 2008 and it’s been hidden in the stacks amongst all the other books since then, which is really a pity! A sad, lonely book no longer, however! It’s a beautiful story about a lonely pig, Pete, who just can’t admit that he’s lonely (he’s also a neat freak). When an escaped circus elephant sneaks into his bedroom in the middle of the night to hide from the circus clown that’s chasing her, Pete’s world gets thrown upside-down! Pickles the elephant is the very opposite of everything Pete is…she’s messy, easily excitable, and loves spontaneity. So how will they ever get along? This story is better for slightly older children; the recommended age is 3-5 because the book deals with death (Pete’s wife). This story really is “a heartfelt, hilarious look at the rarity of true friendship” (Barnes and Noble synopsis).

And while the story is great, the ARTWORK is even more spectacular. What I love about a good children’s picture book is when the artwork tells the other half of the story. It’s in the details, Parent Zone readers, and Berkeley Breathed (a Pulitzer Prize-winner, by the way!) uses his digital artwork to add volumes to the original text. Beautiful, funny, highly detailed pictures accompany this sweet, poignant story about friendship.

For our first Random Book Sighting, I just HAD to pick this moving tale of two friends.

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