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Get Ready, Get Set, Kindergarten!

Most parents are thrilled for the beginning of a new school year!  Many parents are eager to get back into a routine and have a schedule again.  Although not all children are overly excited about school starting back up, many are looking forward to seeing their friends again and finding out what classes they’ll be in.


If your child is getting ready for kindergarten, you and your child may be a bit anxious about the process, especially if your child is the oldest and you’ve not gone through this before.  Don’t worry, because if your child attended preschool, more than likely she will be ready for kindergarten.  She may not be ready to leave you all day, but she’ll have the skills she needs to succeed in school.

So what if your child has never attended a formal preschool?  Will he be ready when it’s time to go to kindergarten?  If you’ve worked on the necessary skills at home, he should be just fine.  There are numerous workbooks and websites that can help you make sure your child has the appropriate tools for kindergarten success.

Here are a few things that parents can easily do at home to prepare future kindergarteners:

  • Read, read, read!  Read books to and with your child.  This is perhaps the best thing you can do for your child.
  • Create and adhere to a routine.  This will help your child adjust to the schedules he will see in the classroom.
  • Answer questions your child may have and encourage her to answer your questions.
  • Help your child become familiar with colors, numbers, and letters.  He doesn’t have to know how to read, but he should begin to recognize the letters in his name.
  • Invite your child to spend time with other children in a variety of different places like the library, the park, or the pool.
  • Talk, and talk some more.  The more you talk about kindergarten, the less apprehensive she’ll be.
  • Lastly, be excited!  After a few weeks of transition time, your child will be ready to conquer the school year.

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