Ready Set Move

Ready Set Moveby Greg and Steve

782.42083 G818 CD
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Greg & Steve are the number one recording act for children in the USA having sold over 3 Million albums over their career. Teachers and parents alike know that their motto EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, ENRICH & ENTERTAIN is the ket to their success. READY, SET, MOVE is their 16th album.

Product Description
READY, SET, MOVE is all about moving, singing and doing. These activity songs are geared for children ages 3 to 9 years and feature contemporary pop and rock rhythms. The opening song, “Ready for a Good Time”, sets the tone for fun. “Let’s Read & Rock” is an echo song that rocks Mother Goose rhymes and inspires kids to read them. Old standard poems and rhymes are set to music & movement fun with “Five Little Monkeys” and “Teddy Bear Turn Around/Two Little Black Birds”. “Jump Down, Turn Around” and “Jim Along Josie” are two classic folk songs with a whole new beat and lyrics added for movement fun. “It’s Circle Time” is a transition song for teachers and group leaders to call children together for circle time activities. “United We Stand”, sung by children, is a performance song inspired by our need for society to work and live together as a family. There is an open track of “Let’s Read & Rock” for children to insert their own rhymes into the song. Maximum fun guaranteed!

•Ready For A Good Time
•Let’s Read & Rock
•Five Little Monkeys
•Ready, Set, Move
•The Bear Went Over The Mountain
•It’s Circle Time
•Shimmy Shake
•Jump Down, Turn Around
•Teddy Bear Turn Around, Two Little Black Birds
•Jim Along Josie
•United We Stand
•Let’s Read & Rock (open tracks)

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