May 2011 Featured Article

Ohio History for Kids

So you think you know everything there is to know about Ohio history?  Well, think again!  Whether you’re into sports, museums, history, or roller coasters, Ohio is home to many things that the whole family can enjoy.  What is one of your favorite or unique things about Ohio?

Here are some interesting facts about this great state of ours:

  • The company which later became the Quaker Oats Company was founded in Akron in 1854.
  • Life Savers were created because the chocolate candy Clarence Crane made and sold in his candy shop in Cleveland melted in the hot summer weather.
  • Ohio didn’t have an official amphibian until May of 2002—it is the bullfrog, the state’s largest frog.
  • The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the country.  It opened in 1882.
  • Ohio is the only state that has a town name starting with every letter of the alphabet, including Quincy, Xenia, and Zanesville.
  • There are about 37,000 corn farms in Ohio; it is the sixth largest corn-producing state.
  • The United States Air Force Museum in Dayton is the largest military museum in the world.

As you discover what is waiting for you right here in Ohio, you may even find out some new and interesting things about your own county.  Ohio is full of history—some of which is downright weird, wild, and wacky—that’s just right for you and your family.

Other Links to Explore

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Want to see who won the B is for Buckeye Letter Contest and some great photos from the festivities?

Check out our site for more info!


Awesome Ohio books to check out:

B is for Buckeye

B is for Buckeye by Marcia Schonberg

Cardinal Numbers an Ohio Counting Book

Cardinal Numbers: An Ohio Counting Book by Marcia Schonberg

The Lucky Buckeye

The Lucky Buckeye by Kristal Leebrick

Ohio Oddities

Ohio Oddities: A Guide to the Curious Attraction of the Buckeye State by Neil Zurcher

It Came From Ohio My Life As A Writer by R.L. Stine

It Came From Ohio! My Life As A Writer by R.L. Stine

Ohio by Ann Heinrichs

Ohio by Ann Heinrichs

Ohio Thunder

Ohio Thunder by Denise Dowling Mortensen

Hidden Ohio

Hidden Ohio by Julie Rubini

How to Draw Ohio's Sights and Symbols

How to Draw Ohio’s Sights and Symbols by Aileen Weintraub


Craft of the month:

Paper Bag Trees!

Reuse grocery store paper bags and turn them into pieces of art worthy of the dinner table, windowsill, or any other place this great craft will get seen!

paper bag tree craft photo

You will need:

  • brown paper bag from the grocery store
  • bottle of Elmer’s school glue (the washable kind)
  • hot glue gun, preferably the cool-temp kind
  • scissors
  • felt
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • glitter glue, beads, anything you want to use for decoration


1.  Open up the brown paper bag.  Starting at the top edge of the bag, use the ruler and pencil to measure where you will need to cut strips down your bag.  Measure in one-inch increments across your bag and ten inches down the bag.  Do this all the way around the bag, including the sides.

2.  Cut the strips you’ve measured.  Be careful to not cut past where you measured.

3.  Hold the bag with two hands in the middle of the uncut portion of the bag.  Twist the bag to make the trunk.  Flatten the bottom of the bag so that the tree can stand on its own.

4.  To harden the trunk and base, cover it in Elmer’s glue.  Use enough so that the surface of the trunk and base will stay in place, but not so much that you get glue everywhere!

5.  Allow the trunk and base to try for 15 minutes.

6.  When you come back to your tree, your trunk and base should be hardening.  It’s okay if the glue is still tacky/white.  Use a little hot glue in places where the Elmer’s glue isn’t holding.

7.  Now it’s time for the branches!  Before twisting each loose strip, cover it in a very small amount of Elmer’s glue. This will allow you to shape your branch and bend it.

8.  As you twist your branches, if you notice that your tree starts to bend or droop, take your hot glue gun and drip some hot glue down the middle of the tree (directly into the trunk) to help stabilize it.

9.  Once your branches are done, you can reposition them as the glue on them hardens.  Feel free to add glitter glue to your branches, trunk, and base if you want.

10.  Once your tree is completely dry, you can add felt leaves to it!  Cut leaves from scrap of felt and add them wherever you want on your tree!

11.  Feel free to add beads or other decorations to your tree as well.  Then put it out for everyone to see!

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