Bed Bug Info and Resources

By Jean Ruark

February 18, 2014

Bed bugs are the subject no one really wants to talk about, that we all wish would just go away, but one that has become a fact of life - again. Bed bugs have been around as long as humans. The U.S. managed to nearly get rid of them in the 1940s-50s, but due to many factors their population has again increased significantly.

According to the Mansfield-Ontario-Richland County Health Department, "it is becoming more and more commonplace for bed bugs to find their way into office environments." 

Common misconceptions about bed bugs:
"If you see one, there are many more."
One bed bug is not an infestation. Heavy infestations occur over time when the bed bugs are not treated.

"The office/building has to be closed until the bed bugs are gone." 
It is only necessary to suspend operations in few, if any cases, if bed bugs are being treated by professional pest management contractors.

"They will never get the bugs out of the building."
Proper chemicals and/or heat treatment, applied by a licensed, knowledgeable pest management professional (PMP) will eradicate the bed bugs. 

"The chemicals they use are really toxic."
USEPA regulates pesticides. They only allow PMPs to use the lowest toxicity products available.

Bed bugs are a manageable problem. With education and a surveillance and treatment program they can be kept from disrupting a workplace, and from spreading further.

Your Library will continue to follow all recommendations from the Health Department and our PMP.

Here are links to other resources:
Mansfield-Ontario-Richland County Health Department - Bed Bugs

Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force

Photos of Bed bugs, in their developmental stages

Information from the CDC

Historical info about bed bugs - go here ( or here (CDC).

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