2012 Children's Poetry Contest Winners Announced

By Jean Ruark

April 30, 2012

And the winners are... (Read the winning poems here.)

First Grade
• 1st Place: Halen Sansom, Bellville Elementary, “Fancy Flowers”
• 2nd Place: Sean Putt, St. Peter’s Elementary, “The Accident”

Second Grade
• 1st Place: Connor O’Brien, Discovery School, “Creek”
• 2nd Place: Aidan Balas, Mifflin Elementary, “Brothers”

Third Grade
• 1st Place: Jalen Jacocks, Mansfield Spanish Immersion, “Cats”
• 2nd Place: Pamela Manning, St. Peter’s Elementary, “Zebras”

Fourth Grade
• 1st Place: Maria Antonia Villegas, Eastern Elementary, “When the Sun Will Rise”
• 2nd Place: Bryce Dix, St. Peter’s Elementary, “The Alamo”

Fifth Grade
• 1st Place: Tsion Davis, Malabar Middle School, “I Am”
• 2nd Place: Sophie Mowry, Ohio Virtual Academy, “Library”

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