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By Jean Ruark

January 25, 2012

Your Library is in the process of planning for the future. Local support has been strong; if it weren't for the local operating levy now in place, your Library would look very different than it does today. State funds have been cut regularly since 2001. We expect that trend to continue. Local funds now provide almost 50% of the Library's operating budget. As the state of Ohio makes adjustments to its budget, our local funds will be an even bigger percentage of the operating budget, essentially what keeps the doors open.

The Board of Trustees needs to plan for the Library's future. Our current operating levy will expire at the end of 2013. The Library needs that money to continue providing the services our community expects. Due to many factors, even a renewal of that levy will provide less revenue. The Library needs your input to help decide the right course to take.

You can help by taking the online survey, and by encouraging everyone you know to take it too. The Board of Trustees and the adminstration needs to know what you value, what's important to you as they try to determine what's best for your Library.

Take the survey. This is your opportunity to tell us what you think.

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