Phones Out At Main Library

By Jean Ruark

January 25, 2012

The phone system at the Main Library is still not 100% functional. We've had a major hardware and software failure. It's going to take awhile to fix the suystem competely.

Many direct lines are out of order. If you're accustomed to calling an office or department directly, that call may not go through. Most of those calls are bouncing to the switchboard, where staff can transfer the call. All of the fax and modem lines are down, too.

If you need to reach the Main Library, it's best to call the main number - 419.521.3100. That automated part of the system is still working. You'll hear a list of departments and services - select one and you'll get thtrough to a person in that department. If you don't get the department you want, staff should be able to transfer you to the right place.

You can also call one of our branch locations:
Bellville Branch - 419.886.3811
Butler Branch - 419.883.2220
Crestview Branch - 419.895.0010
Lexington Branch - 419.884.2500
Lucas Branch - 419.892.2576
Madison Branch - 419.589.7050
Ontario Branch, 419.529.4912
Plymouth Branch - 419.687.5655

Thank you for your patience.

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