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Summer Library Program 2014

Fizz Boom Read 2014

Get ready for a Summer full of reading fun!  Your Library is exploring the wonders of science with "Fizz, Boom, Read!" Starting Monday, June 2, 2014, you can sign up for the Summer Library Program (or SLP as we like to call it) and read your way to a free book!

So how does the Summer Library Program work?  It's really pretty simple!

  1. Sign up any time between June 2 and July 26 at any of our 9 locations.  Be aware that where you sign up is where you will visit each week to complete the program.  Get a Reading Record to take home with you.

  2. Color one picture on the Reading Record for every 15 minutes of reading.  You can read to yourself, someone else, or have someone read to you!

  3. Bring your completed Reading Record back to the Library and and earn a trip to the Treasure Chest! (Maximum of five trips to the Treasure Chest.)

  4. After five weekly visits and five completed Reading Records, you earn your very own free Paperback Book of your choice!  Use it to start your own library at home!

What else is going on this Summer at the

Mansfield/Richland County Public Library? Lots!

Girl and Cloud

We have many different events for you to attend!
Come in and explore the science world with us!
Check out our guest performers here,
and keep scrolling for our in-house science programs!

Mad Science

In-House Programming
Sign Up is required for the following programs.  Space is limited!  Check with your favorite Library location for details and to see which of the following programs they will be hosting.


Programs for All Ages

  • Awesome Animal-ology
    Animals are truly awesome! Join us as we explore these fascinating creatures; what they can do, what they eat and where they live.

  • Magic School Bus
    Who knew science could be so much fun? Come explore the Earth and experience the wonderful world of science with Ms. Frizzle and her class.

  • Wild, Wacky Weather!
    Rainy, sunny, windy, stormy! What makes the weather change so quickly? Come in and explore the science of weather!


Programs for School-Aged Children (6 and up)

  • It’s All About the Reaction
    In science, a reaction is what happens when we combine two or more substances to create a new substance. Join us for this fun program as we experiment to see what new substances we can create! There may be some fizzing and booming involved!

  • Make It, Move It!
    From ramps and levers to pulleys and wheels, simple machines make work easy. Join us - we’ll experiment with force and motion to engineer our own awesome machines or super structures!

  • Phew! What Stinks?!
    How many skunks does it take to make a big stink? A phew. Come enjoy jokes, stories and more. We will have a smell-o-rific time.

  • Sounds Amazing!
    We can’t see it but it’s everywhere, traveling through water, things and air. I wonder how we know it’s there? We’ll play with sounds from high to low, from very fast to very slow. Boy, our ears are in for a treat; we may even jump out of our seats!

  • That’s Tricky!
    Think you have what it takes to see through our tricks of the eye? Loosen your limbs and sharpen your mind and join us here for a crazy good time!

  • Wonderful Water
    Water often affects the solid objects it touches. We will experiment with how water interacts with different objects. Do they sink or float? Dissolve? Join us as we explore the wonderful science of water!


Fizz Boom Read

Finally, if you need more Reading Records or want a copy of our schedule and can't find the one you received when you signed up, you can print them off at home:


Be sure to check out our SLP photo page.
We can't wait to see you this summer for SLP 2014!

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