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Miss Sheri at Plymouth and Crestview

Miss Sheri



Meet Miss Sheri at Crestview Branch and Plymouth Branch!

"My favorite family movie is Despicable Me."

"My favorite snow activity:  Drawing pictures outside in the snow with my kids using plastic bottles containing water colored with food coloring."



Miss Sheri would like to recommend these advanced readers!

Horrible Harry series by Suzy Kline
Recommended for ages 6 - 10

In this series written by Suzy Kline, third grader Harry does some really horrible things.  He likes to play pranks and is always getting into all kinds of mischief.  His misadventures are recounted by his best friend, Doug.  Doug somehow seems to be able to find the good in Harry and remains his friend, despite his misdeeds.  Read all the books in this series and find out why Doug stays friends with Horrible Harry and maybe you will grow to like him too.


Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park
Recommended for ages 5 - 12

Junie B. Jones is a well-loved children’s character, created by Barbara Park.  Junie B. is loud, opinionated and funny.  She has a likeable personality and a unique outlook on all the things that happen in her world.  She addresses issues and problems in her own style, which often cause her to get into trouble with adults.  Her author has done a wonderful job of portraying Junie B. as a five year old and really putting the reader in her shoes.  Even though Junie B. is only in Kindergarten (and in a later series, her first-grade years), her series of stories will appeal to children of a wide range of ages.


Join Miss Sheri for Family Story Time at Crestview Branch, Thursdays @ 11 AM,
or Plymouth Branch, Mondays @ 11:30 AM

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