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 Meet Miss Sarah at Bellville Branch!

"My favorite summer activity is watching fireworks."

"The most exciting experiment I’ve ever done was a putting Mentos candy into a pop liter. The numerous small pores on the candy's surface catalyze the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the soda, resulting in the quick expulsion of large amounts of foam."


Miss Sarah would like to recommend these science books!


Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods by Mary Quattlebaum
Recommended for ages 3 - 8

Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods by Mary Quattlebaum is a fun story that kids of all ages will enjoy. Most children are familiar the tune of “Old MacDonald had a farm” and will want to sing along to the new lyrics found in this book. Jo MacDonald comes across a variety of animals while on her hike like a woodpecker, snake and owl. In the back of the book, there is information for children to learn about the forest community like the types of trees that are found there and how to be a naturalist. Children will want to read this informative and entertaining book over and over. If kids want to read other Jo MacDonald stories then they can try Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond and Jo MacDonald Had a Garden.


The Stinkiest Animals by Connie Colwell Miller
Recommended for ages 4 - 8

The Stinkiest Animals by Connie Colwell Miller is a great nonfiction book for younger children to learn about animals that smell horrible, shoot stinky liquids or eat smelly things. This book can get children who are new to nonfiction familiar with various aspects like the table of contents, glossary and index. Adults can learn new information as well. After reading the book, I discovered that Tasmanian devils were smelly and a skunk can spray up to 10 feet away. This book will surely cause children to be grossed out and probably produce some giggles too. Hopefully, after reading this fun, educational story, kids will want to read similar books like The Creepiest Animals or The Most Dangerous Animals.


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