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Miss Sarah at Bellville

miss sarah


Meet Miss Sarah at Bellville Branch!

"My favorite children's movie is
Sleeping Beauty."

"My favorite thing to do in the snow is
dance around in it."


Miss Sarah would like to recommend these advanced readers!

Arthur series by Marc Brown
Recommended for ages 7 - 9

Arthur chapter books by Marc Brown are not only picture books but chapter books as well.  The Arthur series provides a good transition for children to move from picture books to chapter books.  In the story, Arthur and the Poetry Contest, there is a poetry contest at school and only Fern has signed up.  During lunch Fern was sitting alone writing poetry and Blinky makes fun of her so she challenges him to write a poem.  Soon everyone decides to write a poem.  Arthur and Buster go to the library to read some poetry and hopefully find some ideas for their poems.  The next day Arthur tries to write a poem but D.W. his sister keeps bugging him about a gorilla on the news.  Children in second and third grade will enjoy finding out if Arthur completes his poem in time for the contest.  Arthur and all of his friends have experiences that children can relate to like a little brother or sister who bothers them when they are trying to do their homework or having problems finishing their assignments.  Children have a lot of Arthur books to choose from in our library system.


Cam Jansen series by David A. Adler
Recommended for ages 8 - 12

Cam whose real name is Jennifer is great at solving mysteries.  She is called Cam like in the word "camera" because she has a photographic memory. Cam has red hair, freckles and is in the fifth grade. Cam's best friend is Eric, and they usually walk to school since they live close to each other. This book series is nice for third graders, and I often share it with the third graders who visit the library with their class.  In the book Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Monkey House, Cam and Eric go to the zoo.  The first place they stop is the monkey house, and the monkeys start to mimic Cam and Eric.  Later on when Eric loses his wallet, they go back to the monkeys and discover that most of the monkeys are missing.  Cam and Eric have a couple suspects like the zoo guard or ice cream vendor.  Cam always solves the mystery no matter what.  Children can relate to Cam and Eric because they experience similar things in their lives like going to the zoo, museum, mall, having to do school projects and attending school field trips.  There are lots of books in the Cam Jansen series that would entertain and delight children for days.


Join Miss Sarah at Bellville Branch for Family Story Time,
Wednesdays @ 10 AM or 11 AM

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