Miss Sarah at Bellville

miss sarahMeet Miss Sarah at Bellville Branch!

"My favorite superhero is Batman because he fights crime without having any supernatural powers."

"My favorite holiday is my birthday which is Leap Day so that means I only have a birthday every four years.  Next year I will turn 8."


Join Miss Sarah at Bellville Branch for Summer Library Program beginning June 8!

Miss Sarah would like to recommend these super hero books!

Melvin Beederman Superhero: The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich by Greg Trine
Recommended for ages 8 to 11

Melvin Beederman just graduated from Superhero Academy and is assigned to protect Los Angeles. Melvin does a great job protecting the city until his superhero cape gets dirty so he takes it to the dry cleaners and they mix up his cape with a little girl’s named Candace. Melvin is powerless without his cape but manages to get it back and lets Candace act as his sidekick. Melvin and Candace try to capture the McNasty brothers but the brothers stop them by their weakness of bologna. Melvin and Candace face their fear of bologna and successfully capture the McNasty brothers. A hilarious story that presents a nontraditional superhero that children will enjoy reading as well as his fun sidekick. Reluctant readers would especially like reading the ridiculous adventures Melvin faces as well as relish in the comical illustrations that greatly enhance the silliness of the story.




Sidekicks by Dan Santat
Recommended for ages 8 & up

Roscoe the dog and Fluffy the hamster live with Captain Amazing who is always busy fighting crime and doesn’t have time for them. Captain Amazing is getting older and decides he needs a sidekick. Roscoe, Fluffy and Captain Amazing’s new pet chameleon, Shifty, decide to audition for the role of sidekick. Fluffy and Shifty venture out to find Manny aka Static Cat who used to be Captain Amazing’s sidekick. Manny agrees to train them and while they are fighting crime Roscoe gets in the way. Dr. Havoc gets released from jail and ends up using the DNA transfer device to steal everyone’s superpowers. Then Dr. Havoc shows up at the sidekick auditions and it is up to Fluffy, Shifty, Roscoe and Manny to save the day. A fun and exciting graphic novel that children will love reading because children can’t seem to get enough of superheroes. The graphics create an incredible world full of quirky but strong characters. The plot is appealing and does not jump around too much like other graphic novels. Kids can also relate the pets’ problem of getting along since most kids have conflict with their siblings.


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