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"I have many favorite children’s authors like Mo Willems, Judith Byron Schachner, Eric Litwin, Claire Freedman, Jack Gantos, Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, and Jon Scieszka, etc."

"My favorite subject in school is language arts."



Miss Sarah would like to recommend these juvenile audiobooks!

The Bully Goat Grim: A Maynard Moose Tale by Willy Claflin
Read by Willy Claflin
Recommended for ages 5 to 11

This picture book comes with a audiobook in the back of it.  The author reads the story using his Maynard Moose voice in moose language which is quite different than the human language.  The book also includes hoofnotes as the author calls it to clarify any translation issues.  The Bully Goat Grim is a fractured fairytale in which the goat is the bad guy and the trolls are the good guys.  This story is a great way for children to get some practice comparing stories.  Children could read the original story of The Billy Goats Gruff and then read The Bully Goat Grim.  In the story, the Bully Goat is mean and likes to headbutt all the little animals.  One day the Bully Goat decides to move onto greener pastures over to the river which means he has to use the troll bridge.  The Dad troll's and Mom troll's plans to stop the Bully Goat do not work out and it is left up to the baby troll to stop him.  Baby troll uses a pillow and a parachute to escape the Bully Goat after she makes fun of him.  Soon all the other animals do the same as baby troll did and the Bully Goat gives up and goes away.  The audiobook also includes music at the beginning and end of the story.  Children will enjoy listening to this silly Maynard Moose tale especially when following along with the picture book.  The audio plus the illustrations create a delightful combination for the reader.


The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett: An Origami Yoda Book by Tom Angleberger
Read by various narrators; 3 hours, 30 minutes

Recommended for ages 8 - 12

I have been a fan of the Origami Yoda books since the first one, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, came out in 2010.  Fans of Star Wars are naturally drawn to this series but one does not have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy them.  In The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet, students at McQuarrie Middle School are required to watch the educational program called FunTime in order to raise their standardized test scores.  FunTime is quite the opposite of fun and the students decide to form a rebel alliance to defeat it especially since they no longer have art, music and LEGO classes.  The audiobook of not only this story but all of the Origami Yoda books feature multiple readers to represent the multiple characters in the story.  Some kids might not like listening to audiobooks because they get tired of the reader's voice or they do not like the way it sounds.  Since this audiobook has multiple readers and voices, it might be more appealing to listeners.  Audiobooks provide great examples of fluent reading as well as a tool to get reluctant and struggling readers to enjoy books.  Both boys and girls will have fun listening to the challenges that the students of McQuarrie Middle School face and might be surprised by the outcome.


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