Miss Melia at Main

miss melia

 Meet Miss Melia at Main Library!


"My favorite super hero is Superman. I liked watching the television series Smallville which is based on his life as an extraordinary teenager, Clark Kent."

"My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because of all the food and family!"


Join Miss Melia at Main Library for Summer Library Program beginning June 8!

Miss Melia would like to recommend these super hero books!

Animal Heroes: True Rescue Stories by Sandra Markle
Recommended for ages 5 & up

Do you know an animal that is a hero? This book tells many incredible stories about incredible animals that did heroic things. A guide dog that leads its owner to safety in the World Trade Center, a cat that saves its owners from carbon monoxide poisoning, and a gorilla that protects a toddler who falls into its enclosure are a few of the heroes found in this book.




Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle
Recommended for ages 4 to 8

Do super heroes have teddy bears? Do they have to fix what they break? In this rhyming story, questions are asked of what super heroes do and the responses are quite heroic. Perfect for showing kids they can be super heroes, because super heroes are just like them!


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