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Miss Melanie at Main

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Meet Miss Melanie at Main Library!

"I like an old movie called Ring of Bright Water about a girl and a seal in Scotland."

"I like to cross-country ski in the snow."


Miss Melanie would like to recommend these advanced readers!

Captain Awesome series by Stan Kirby
Recommended for ages 5 - 8

Captain Awesome To the Rescue (#1)
Eight-year-old Eugene McGillicudy is the superhero know as Captain Awesome! His character is based on his favorite comic book hero, Super Dude, that taught Badness always loses to Goodness.  Eugene moves to a new town and his first day in his new school didn't go well, except for meeting a friend who was also a secret superhero.

Captain Awesome, Soccer Star (#5)
The Classic 4 Seasons are:  1. Christmas Vacation, 2. Spring Break, 3. Summer Vacation, 4. Soccer Season!
The 8 year old boys were super excited to start soccer season until they found out there were girls on the team.  After this, they referred to it as a cootie festival.


Stink series by Megan McDonald
Recommended for ages 5 - 8

The Incredible Shrinking Kid (#1)
A funny look at sibling rivalry, Stink holds his own while his sister, Judy Moody, mercilessly taunts him.  In this episode, Stink gets to take the class pet, a newt, home but has an unfortunate mishap with the garbage disposal.


Join Miss Melanie at Main Library Thursday, March 20 @ 6PM
to make a cool craft to take home

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