Miss Melanie at Main

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 Meet Miss Melanie at Main Library!


"My favorite super hero is Underdog."

"My favorite holiday is Easter because I love Spring and the rebirth of the plant kingdom. "


 Join Miss Melanie at Main Library for Summer Library Program beginning June 8!

Miss Melanie would like to recommend these super hero books!

Superworm by Julia Donaldson
Recommended for ages 5 to 10

Superworm is a super rhyming book about an earthworm that can do all sorts of things for his forest friends until he is captured by the evil wizard. His friends come to the rescue in the end.




Ten Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pilutti
Recommended for ages 3 to 10

A new book about a small boy, Captain Magma and his sidekick toy, Lava Boy, goes through a day in the life of a superhero and shows how he uses his powers for good.

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