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jennie personal photoMeet Miss Jennie at Ontario Branch!

"I don’t really watch very many cartoons anymore, but when I was younger my sister and I always watched the Super Friends. This was on Saturday morning cartoons and included Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin and my favorite team, the Wonder Twins! This was the greatest superhero team for my sister and me because we are twins! (Even though the Wonder Twins are brother and sister twins, we still loved them!) The boy, Zan, could morph into any form of water (cloud, ice, rain, fog…) while Jayna could shape shift into any animal (shark, tiger, bird…) the only way they could transform though, was if they touched fists and said, “Wonder twin powers activate!”

"My favorite holiday is Halloween! I love seeing all the kids in my neighborhood dress up in different costumes and I love candy!!!"

Join Miss Jennie at Ontario Branch for Summer Library Program beginning June 8!

Miss Jennie would like to recommend these super hero books!

Supertruck by Stephen Savage
Recommended for ages 2 to 6

This is a new book that will really appeal to younger boys! It’s all about a city full of brave trucks and the brave things these trucks do every day! The firetruck puts out blazes, the tow truck hauls the broken bus, and the bucket truck fixes the broken power lines! Then there is the garbage truck, but all he does is collect the garbage; or is it? With a secret disguise and a secret garage, there is more to this garbage truck than anyone knows!

One evening, it starts to snow in the city; and it snows and snows and snows! All of the brave trucks get stuck in the snow, can anyone save them? Supertruck can! Supertruck looks a lot like the garbage truck, but he has a plow and he plows through all the snow, works hard all night long, and digs out the whole city! The next morning, all the trucks are talking about the Supertruck, wondering who it was that saved them! Everyone, except the garbage truck, who is secretly smiling as he collects the garbage!  


Timothy and the Strong Pajamas by Viviane Schwarz
Recommended for ages 4 to 8

This is one of my favorite stories about little superheroes! As the title suggests, it is also a good story to read for a pajama theme program, which I have done several times! Timothy is a little cat, who works very hard every evening to make himself stronger! He jumps rope, exercises, eats extra tough cookies, drinks fortified milk and thinks strong thoughts! Of course all that exercise is tough on your pajamas, but instead of getting new ones, Timothy wants his mom to fix his favorite ones! Timothy’s mother does such a good job repairing his old pajamas, that they have become Super Strong Pajamas!

In his super strong pajamas, Timothy decides he needs to use his powers for good, helping people that need help. He catches a falling elephant, pulls a sinking ship out of the water and even catches an escaped alligator and returns him to the zoo. Unfortunately, as Timothy is carrying a huge bear back to the forest, his pajamas rip, causing him to lose all his super powers. Will Timothy be able to get back home now that he’s just plain old Timothy? You’ll have to read the story to find out!


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